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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love of a Playboy

“Hey Sam! Wake up. It’s eight o clock. You have to get ready for the college in half an hour”, Revathy was trying her level best to wake up the sleepyhead Sam.   Sam is an ordinary girl with some characteristics that makes her unique in some way. She is ambitious, but doesn’t have the drive or the enthusiasm to pursue her dreams. As far as looks go, Sam is slightly fat. She doesn’t have the beauty consciousness, which girls in her age usually have. She doesn’t mind about what others say. She prefers comfort over beauty. Sam’s mom, Revathy is working in a private concern. Sam was the only child. Her father died in an accident ten years ago. So Sam was the only comfort to her mother and it was vice versa too.

“Hey Sam! Wake up. Its eight o clock. You have to get ready for the college in half an hour”, Revathy was trying her level best to wake up the sleepyhead Sam.
“Mom! Five more minutes please!!!’, Sam mumbled from her sleep.
“U have been saying this for the past one hour, Sam. Now hurry up. I have ur favorite breakfast ready on the table.”
“Mom! This is not fair! Am I not allowed to have a lie in even on my Birthday! My birthday? Mooooom ! Its my Birthday”, Sam yelled.
“Sam! Don’t yell! Of course dunderhead I know it is your birthday. I am your Mother, remember? Before u start asking about the gift, I wanted to tell you that you will find out what it is, in the evening.Ok?”
“Its my birthday!!!la la My birthday!!”,Sam was in high spirits , not knowing the impact this birthday is going to have on her life.
Sam got ready in twenty minutes and came down the stairs. She was wearing a white salwar.
“Top Ramen Smoodles!! Wow Mom! You know what?, you are the best. Come here and gimme a hug”.
“Ok dear. Am leaving for the office. U start early and reach safely to college ok? No rash driving, ok? No problem even if u go late. Oh yeah , I have kept Rs.2000 in your bag. I know, your friends will ask for a treat .So give them one. Ok Princess, am leaving. Take care.”

“Bye mom”

It was 8:25.Sam had to leave. She took her bag and her scooter key. Sam was doing her final year in B.E. Comp Science Engineering, in Anna University.
She is not that much studious compared to her peers, but has good application of mind. She got placed in Verizon during her campus interview.
Sam’s best friend is Rajeev. He was a happy, go lucky person and a heartthrob in college. But his magic didn’t have any effect on Sam. She was the only one girl who didn’t blush when Rajeev was near. Sam used to make fun of Rajeev. Rajeev was in love with a girl named Riya. Sam knew this and she was happy for both of them.

“Hey Sam!” Sam came back from her reminiscence and realized that she had reached the college.Sam turned and saw it was Rajeev. She smiled and waved at him. He waved back. Sam parked her vehicle and went to Rajeev.
“Hey playboy, Whats up? So early in the morning. Don’t tell me u r planning to come for the practicals that we have. Any plans with Riya?”
“Hey gal, how can u even think that I came to attend the practicals? Yeah u r correct. Riya wanted to talk something serious. So that’s why waiting for her.”
Sam was expecting Rajeev to wish her. But she couldn’t find any sign of that. They talked for half an hour .Sam saw Riya approaching them. So she took leave of Rajeev and went to the class with a slight disappointment. Rajeev have never forgotten her birthday .She was confused. She was eagerly waiting for his wish the whole day .To her disappointment, she didn’t get to see Rajeev nor did she get any call from him.

   After an uneventful day at the college, Sam returned home. When she reached home, she was surprised to see the house filled with all her cousins.
It was her mother’s idea. She had a wonderful birthday bash. Revathy presented her a new DELL Laptop, which Sam could use for her project. In all these surprises, Sam forgot about Rajeev and felt good. After partying for some hours, the guests started to leave one by one. There were so many chores to be done.
Sam called her mother “Hey Rev! Thanks so much. U didn’t have to do this. But anyways, I am so delighted. Thank u so much”
‘Anything for my princess”, Revathy replied, “But now its 12:00, so your day is over. Now come on, help me clean up and make the house presentable”
“Mom!!! Can’t we do this tomorrow? Ok Fine, Don’t look at me like that”.
Mom and Daughter together started cleaning. They were almost through. There were only some dishes that need to be cleaned.
“So Sam, What did ur playboy give you this birthday?” Revathy asked. Sam didn’t reply.
“Sam, am asking you. What he gave u something that u can’t tell me?” Revathy teased her.
“Mom, what are you talking? No, he didn’t give me anything like that and as a matter of fact he didn’t give me anything nor did he wish me”.
Sam stopped washing the dishes .Her eyes were pooled with unshed tears. All the disappointment that she had forgotten earlier came back to her in a flash and it was overwhelming for her. More than the feeling of disappointment, she was confused. Sam was not the one to feel for something as silly as this. But now she was not only feeling sad, but also was crying.
                        Revathy hugged her daughter and consoled her .Revathy who has never seen her daughter break down for anything, knew the reason.
Sam was in love. But she didn’t know that. She had been suspecting this for over a year. Every time, mother and daughter talk about the Rajeev the playboy, Sam’s face used to light up and she used to get so excited. She teased him in front of her mother, but when he is not there, she used to defend him when her mother says anything. Revathy, had realized this long back, but didn’t say anything about it as she was not sure. But today , she completely knew . She would have to talk about this to Sam. She knew Sam was a sensible girl and would take proper decision regarding her life.

                        “Roobarooo Roshni!!!” Sam’s cell phone was ringing. Sam grudgingly opened her eyes and saw the time. It was 2:00 AM. She picked up the cell and saw it was Rajeev.
“Hey playboy! Whats up? U know what time it is .Any problem?”
  “Hey gal, am I not allowed to call you? I missed you. That’s y I called”
“Wow! You missed me? Come on! Don’t tease me. But am happy to know that u still know that am existing. Now, don’t get tensed. I was just kidding. By the way playboy, u know what I missed u too. Looks like Riya is keeping u busy these days. No time for me huh “
“Hey, it’s not like that. I agree that we don’t talk that much often like we used to. But don’t say that I don’t have time for you”
“Ok relax! I was just kidding .Something is troubling you. U know u can’t hide it from me. Now come on spit it out.”
“Riya broke up with me”.
Sam was feeling so cheap. She was crying that he didn’t wish her and he was heartbroken the whole day. But why is she feeling happy. This is not right.
“What? What the heck? When did this happen? Why didn’t u tell me this before? Now wait, where are you ? Don’t tell me u r drunk?”
“I am drunk”
“Where are you?”
 “Are you ok”
“No am not”
 “Hey playboy, listen. I will be there in fifteen minutes. Till then keep ur chin up and be steady. I am on my way!”
 “Mom, I need u to call Ram uncle now. I need him to come with me to Speed. Riya has broken up with playboy and the idiot Is fully drunk”
“Ok dear. Gimme 5 minutes”
‘Mom, Hurry up!! Please”. Ram uncle was Revathy’s younger brother. He was very fond of Sam.

“Uncle will be here in five minutes”.
“Sam! Uncle is here!”
“Okay mom, be careful. I will be back with the idiot in half an hour”
Ram was driving the car with as much speed needed. They reached the pub. They were immediately able to identify Rajeev. They helped him inside the car and drove back. They reached the house. Sam was furious. She was furious with Riya for hurting Rajeev and she was furious with Rajeev for not able to hurt Riya back. She didn’t know why they broke up. So she couldn’t decide whose side she should take. But she was angry with both of them.

            Sam woke up the next morning. She was feeling very tired. And then in a moment, events that happened yesterday flashed across her mind.
She jumped from her bed and raced to the guest room where Rajeev was made to lie down last night or rather this morning. He was awake. His eyes were red and puffy as if he had been crying the whole night.

  “Hey playboy!”, Sam called from the doorway . Rajeev saw her and waved and gestured to sit with him. He gave a weak smile. Sam rushed to him and gave him a hug. Rajeev hugged back and started crying. She held on to him as he let out all the emotions and she soothed him. After some time, Rajeev felt a little bit okay. Rajeev, then told that Riya didn’t want to marry against her parents wishes. That’s y they broke up. Sam told him not to worry and asked him to focus on his studies at least now.

    Days passed. Rajeev focused on his academics and came up with a good score. Now and then, he used to get depressed. But Sam was always with him, guiding him in the right way. Rajeev’s father died in a heart attack. He was stranded alone. He felt so unlucky and was so depressed. Sam and Revathy then asked him to stay with them. Whenever Rajeev was feeling bad, Sam would always be there. It was as if she knew already that he is feeling bad. She knew exactly what to do to make him happy. Rajeev have always wanted to do MS in US. He appeared for GRE and scored a very good mark. Sam got her DOJ letter from Verizon. Revathy was happy with the way things were progressing .She helped Rajeev to pursue his dream.

   Rajeev left for his higher education. Sam joined the IT industry. She was undergoing training.
“Roobarooo Roshni!” It was Sam’s cell phone again. She was in her cubicle.
“Hey gal”
“Hey! Playboy is that you. Oh my god. Where the hell are you? Busy bee uh? No calls, no mails, no scraps. I miss you u idiot.”
“I miss you too. That’s y I called u “
“U call mom daily, but u have time to call me only now? This is not fair “
“Ok sweetie, relax. I did call you. I was never able to reach ur cell. Don’t know why. U know what? I got scholarship .Isn’t that good. Once am done with this, I can repay all u and aunty has done for me”.

“Don’t even think of repaying anything. Ok u get it? We didn’t expect you to repay and we won’t accept, even if u do. Do u have anything else to talk about”

“Sweetie. Am sorry .ok am not repaying you. Are u happy?”

They chatted for two hours, talking sweet nothings over the phone.

Days passed. Sam was left alone when Revathy decided to take leave from this earthly life. Sam’s life was totally shattered. Her performance at work was deteriorating. She didn’t inform Rajeev, as he was having his final exams. She had typed a mail saying that Rajeev was not there when he was not needed. But didn’t send it .She did not have the same liveliness, that she used to have earlier. She was wallowing in self pity.

            Jitendra, Sam’s colleague and close friend in work environment, didn’t like the way Samyuktha was leading her life. He knew all about Sam and Rajeev. He knew the best remedy for this is Rajeev. He happened to see the mail saved in drafts and sent it one day when Sam was away. He also told Rajeev to contact him and not Sam. Jitendra was expecting the call everyday .But a week passed and he didn’t get any response from Rajeev. He was getting irritated and cursing Rajeev for not caring for Sam. Sam didn’t know anything about this.

“Chak De! Chak De India”, It was Jitendra‘s cell phone. When he saw, there was no number being displayed. It just said call 1.

“Hello, Jitendra here”
“Hello, Hi, Am Rajeev”
“Rajeev, Thank God u called man. I have been expecting your call for a week.”
“What happened man? Is it anything serious?”
“Yeah man. It’s about Sam. She is getting worse. “
“Y what happened”
“Her mother died two months before and from then on, she is not the same. She is not the same bubbly gal that she was before.
U would not even recognize her if u see her right now. Doesn’t talk much and her work quality is getting affected. I didn’t like it .I knew only u can help her. She doesn’t know that I sent u the mail. I sent it out of my concern for her”

“What are you saying? Rev aunty is dead???? She never told me and she has been keeping all this to herself? .I know why she did this .That stupid gal. Ok Jitendra, can u do me a favor? I will be there in one week. Till then take care of her. Can u do that for me please?”

“Sure yaar.I knew u were the only one can talk some sense to her. Try to come as soon as possible, ok? “

“And, don’t tell Sam that am coming”

“Don’t worry, I will not tell her anything.”

“Thanks so much”

“Ding! Dong!’ .Someone was ringing the door bell. Sam woke up. It was 2:00 AM in the morning.

She walked up to the door. She saw through the peephole. Since there was no light, she couldn’t see who the person was.
“Who is it?”
“Hey sweetie”. Sam’s knees became wobbly, her mouth became dry. “Hey playboy, is that you”
“Yes sweetie, it’s me, ur one and only playboy. Or do u know any other playboy? Come on .open the door. It’s freezing out here.”

Sam threw open the door and rushed into his open arms. She held onto him as if it was the end of the world. After Sam collected herself, they went inside.
Sam then told him everything .Rajeev then told him

Days passed. Sam turned back to her old self. Thanks to Rajeev. They went out everyday.

Rajeev had to leave soon back to US. Sam knew this and she was bracing herself for the lonely feeling that would come again. But Rajeev had other plans in his mind. Neither of them professed their love for each other. The day before, he was leaving; they had planned a date in the beach.

Rajeev was planning to propose her and he made all the necessary arrangements, along with Jitendra.
Since it was the last date with Rajeev, Sam was sad but at the same time wanted to cherish it. So she took to dress up herself. She wore the white salwar , that was her favorite. Rajeev was wearing a white casual shirt with blue jeans.

They went to the beach house and ordered their dinner. After some time, they started walking and came to a patch of land .The cold breeze was blowing and Sam in her white Salwar looked like an angel.

Rajeev asked her to close her eyes. Sam, who still didn’t have clue about anything, did as she was asked.

“Hey sweetie! u can open ur eyes now”
On opening her eyes, Sam was speechless. There were so many candles with their flames forming the words that she had heard only in her dreams, which was

“Sam, Will u marry this playboy?”

She then looked down and found that Rajeev was on his knee with a ring in his hand.

“Hey sweetie, U have been there when I needed you. My need is not yet over. I will be needing u always. Do u think u can put up with this playboy.
 I know u don’t want me to repay. But I want to repay everything u did for me, by holding u in my arms when u need. I promise I will always be there with u. I know u need me the same way as I need you, even though u don’t say it. S do u want to become my playgirl?”

Sam was speechless. She wanted to say yes. But her mouth was dry .She slowly shook her head and finally screamed
“Yes u idiot, I can definitely put up with u and mind u am the only one who can do that”
There was round of applause and then  only Sam realized that they were not alone and Rajeev had indeed proposed in front of her office colleagues and her Uncle Ram was also there. Ram gave his blessings to both of them

Sam looked at Rajeev. “So do u want this ring?”
“Of course its mine, I want it”. Rajeev slid the ring into her finger.
Their eyes met and with an unspoken agreement, they kissed. Sam was in a total bliss.
She could not believe that it was happening for real. It was like a fairytale ending ….


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