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Saturday, June 9, 2012

In his arms

Mist settled,as she stood
the withered leaves rustled,
her hair being caressed by the wind,
the coolness of which prickled her mind,

Peaceful ,it should have been , but rather,
her mind and soul were in the mood
for melancholic music,for she couldn't
enjoy the night's beauty encompassing her,

She was there , but not her soul or mind,
they were missing their mate ,a dull ache,
formed in her heart,as she longed for
her loved one's arms to envelop her,

Eyes closed, her mind began its work,
as the image of her lover came forth,
her frown turned upwards to a smile,
her heart skipped a beat,as familiar
butterflies fluttered inside her,

His eyes sparkling with a twinkle,
always left her drowning in its pool,
Although it was his lips,that made
her go crazy,with the sweet words,
and the music of his laughter ,left her
grinning from ear to ear,

As she felt his muscular arms enclosing her,
her mind,body and soul fell at peace ,
but a dull ache reminded her , it was surreal,

No it was real, her heart's palpitation rose,
as she opened her eyes slowly to meet his eyes,
There he was with his radiating smile , her love
reflecting in his eyes , as she buried herself in his arms,

the music turned soulful,her world filled
with radiant colors
everything was perfect,just perfect
as she stood there in her loved one's arms.

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