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Saturday, June 9, 2012


Stranded in the island,
my wish or dream,or
whatever one desires to
call it as ,has come true

Peace filled my heart,
as here i am finally,
with my wonderful companion,
solitude,miles away from
the place called my home,
from the people who know me,
away from human civilization

Resolved to start over again,
a new way of life, i know
it wont be easy,but i dont
intend to give up,

i may turn to my instincts,
buried deep down, for my
survival,may go insane or
turn wild ,but that feels good,
far more than the stupid ,
complicated emotions involved,
while living in a civilization

Out of sight ,out of mind,
I may lose my memory ,
of the people i know,except
the one i love,except
the one who hurt me ,

But decades later,
if i am still alive,
then my memory about them,
too will fade away.

A new life ,
a new beginning,
hoping to make
new memories

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