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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Lover's Confession

Don't ask me when,
Don't ask why,
Don't ask me where,
Don't ask me how,
Cause I don't have answers,
for your questions.

All I know, is that, my heart,
has tuned its rhythm to yours.
All  I know ,is that , my mind,
is on an overdrive, thinking
about you.
All I know,is that,a blush,
creeps up on my face,
when i hear your name.
All I know,is that,my hands,
want to be held in yours,
while I walk.
All I know,is that,I yearn
To be embraced in your arms,
All I know,is that,my lips,
Are fervently hoping to
Confess to you.
All I know,is that,
I am going crazy over your,
All I know,is that,
I have fallen for you.
All I know ,is that ,
Am madly in love with you.

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