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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dreamzz Unlimited

Dreams. Sometimes leave us with the feeling "What the hell was that all about?" . Makes you wonder what it means
When I was in school , I had a dream for one week . It used to start from the point it ends the night before.
Dream Interpretation has been present from the ancient times. But during those days it was mostly believed that it was a supernatural phenomenon and the dream would be considered prophetic.
It was believed that it was a means of communication from the Gods.

Dreams are almost like any foreign language. It is believed mostly that dreams are motivated by the events of the day. Freud believed it was all about wish-fulfillment. While Hall believed that dreams were just thought sequences while sleeping.
But sometimes , the dreams are distorted .

The mind is believed to be divided into three layers. Conscious,Subconscious and Superconscious. And it seems Only Subconscious and Superconscious gets to have the fun of creating the dreams. They have fun distorting the dreams so that the consciousness doesnt interfere as it will not be able to understand and therefore disregards it.

While the conscious mind is taking rest, it seems that the subconscious goes throught the events that happened in the past 48 hours and on discussing with the superconscious ,prepares the dream.
It is believed that if you analyze your dreams , the subconscious and superconscious will help in your daily life
the distortions are called dream symbols

Below are some interpretation for some symbols:
For eg :
1.When i had this dream of donkeys seated in the auditorium where i was singing.
I thought it signified my singing was like donkey's braying

But when i tried to interpret it using the dream symbol meaning, it gave a whole new perspective

So according to dream dictionary
Donkeys in dream mean simplicity and sturdiness ,surrounded by loyal friends

So now my dream is like i am singing in front of my friends, it did create a happy feeling . But i am not sure whether to believe it . Its mostly gives a positive attitude
2.Falling dreams:
I am sure everyone would have experienced this dream of falling from some height which feels so real.
according to dream dictionary, it means one is overwhelmed and out of control in his life in some situation
According to Freudian theory though,it means you are giving into impulse

3.Snake :
Snake denotes the balance of good and evil in your life
and if u see a winged serpent in your dream ,it denotes wisdom

4.Pleading dreams:
to dream that you are pleading it denotes that what you are pleading depends on whether you will have good progress and whether that progress will strengthen your position
5.Dreams about seasons:
If one dreams about autumn ,then it denotes there is a transformations cycle and will experience many ups and downs .

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