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Sunday, November 20, 2011


"I love you", thats what you said
"What?",was my reply ,as i Couldnt believe what i heard.
.I never knew I could feel so good.
What you saw in me ,I wondered
For i was nowhere near the beauty your ex was
nor was i intelligent like you.So I thought
Maybe its true that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
i had vowed that my heart will be a shelter for none
But i have no idea how you made me break it
On look at your eyes, you made me go weak in my knees
My password changed to 'heaven on earth' ,thats how i was feeling
Everything was so blissful.I thought I had met my man.
I didnt know you had me fooled.when i saw you kiss her,
I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Boy, was i wrong!
It was not my eyes that tricked me but it was you. Still our relationship was going strong,
cause i was addicted to you. I knew addiction is never healthy, but u had turned me into a rebel.
And then you uttered those damning words "Lets break up. i dont love you anymore"
All i wanted to ask back was "Did you ever love me ?". I knew I was being fooled, but the confirmation
madet the world that you had created around me shatter into million pieces and so did my heart
My password changed to "hell on earth". I was in agony. I couldnt stand to be in the presence of couples.
Their happiness caused me pain and I couldnt bear it . I knew it was selfish of me . I became a recluse
They say "Time heals everything". I agree, but would add "time heals but not completely".
Thanks to my friends , I became as normal as i could be . But there were times when all i wanted was to be left alone
so that i could cry my heart out as i felt the agony all over again.Months went by ,I had successfully learnt to not let
my mind think anything about you. Then you came along and said "sorry about the break up, I lied to you. I still love you.Can we get back together?"
I told "No. I dont love you. There is no chance of that happening". This time , i lied . The moment I saw you again , I realized that i never stopped
loving you. But i had vowed ,never to let anyone inside my heart . I am happy that i didnt break it

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