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Saturday, November 26, 2011

In love, again

Not again, I said to myself,
This is not at all fair ,
I vowed to never fall in love again,
But here am I ,pining over someone.

I had distanced myself from the people,
who had a chance of making me fall for their features,
I thought my heart was safe, inside the stone fortress,
But alas , I never knew that a mirthful laughter
from a certain person's lips could smash the barrier to pieces.

Life isn't easy and so is love,
As i fell in love with him,
I felt the bliss and pain,
that  accompanies love.

Is it gonna be a happy ending or
a sad one? I have no clue,
Either way , I am enjoying
the journey with him.

Never can understand Love,
I thought i knew ,
but here it is again,
i am in love with a person,
who had broken my assumption.

My writing doesn't follow any rules,
so does our relationship.
But one thing i know for sure,
I am in love with you ,
Am happy that its you,
who has won my heart,
the most lovable person i have met.

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