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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Not fair

Sexual Predators. I am sure almost 80 % of the women population in the world , would have suffered .
Its a bad thing that it happens but its worse when its a child who is harmed. The childhood is totally spoiled.
The innocence taken away once and for all . They have no idea what it means but they just know it hurts.
But the indigestible thing is that mostly 90% of the child victims know their offender.
It might be the neigbour uncle ,or father of one of the friends,bus driver or even someone from the family.
Its one of the people who the child trusts. And the trust is broken.
And right now with the web , its just makes the job easy for a stalker.

After it happens , in most cases , the child doesn't tell anyone for many reasons.The child does know something bad has happened.
Shame ,fear of being punished and fear of being disbelieved shuts up their mouth. They lock the memories deep inside their mind and vow not to open it. Thereby starts the fear of the dark ,sleepless nights haunted by nightmares. From then, they trust nobody.

Its just not fair !

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